Friday, April 10, 2009

Egyptian Funeral - a poem

He used to say
If I get to the other side
I’ll send you back a sign

I went to Egypt
As my father lay dying
At home in Jamaica
Getting the news
Waiting for a train to Aswan

A man with a large black dog
Stood waiting by the tracks
Anubis, ready to escort
The soul of the deceased
Through the underworld

I had been drawn there-
Some invisible thread that tied
My father and me together
He loved Egypt and Hapi
River God of the Nile

In Aswan at Elephantine
Enchanting island in the Nile
Site of ruins of temple upon temple
We read Awakening Osiris
The Egyptian Book of the Dead

A Preponderance of Starry Beings
The gods have heard my name
Osiris. I am a man by the river, gazing up.

One final offering into the Nile
Two golden hoopoes and herons
Farmers with oxen
A felucca sailboat sailed by
Flying the Jamaican Flag

His spirit then followed me
From temple to temple on our journey
Together we paid homage to Isis at Philae
Horus at Edfu and Hathor at Denderah
Sekhmet blessed us at Karnak in Luxor
This is such nourishing peace.
Copyright© Kathy Stanley

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Egypt photos by Kathy Stanley

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