Thursday, April 30, 2009

Elk Rock Meditation - a poem

Focus just on bees
And salamanders
Giant Sequoias and
Madrone trees
Barks peeling shaves
Of coppery curls

Mind noise falls away
At winter-blooming viburnums
Orange hedges of witch-hazel
Giant pink and white blossoms
Magnificent Magnolias

Stuff out there doesn’t matter
Inside a grove of Spanish Fir,
Oregon Oak, Cypress, Maple
And Atlas Cedar

Stillness descends
Beside cascading pools
Frogs and dozens of koi
A lone duck custodian
On moss covered rocks

Out to The Point
A narrow cliffside walk
Above a glistening river
A luminous mountain
Shimmering in the distance

A hawk soars
Above Elk Rock Island.
Copyright© Kathy Stanley
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  1. Wonderful writing! Keep it on.......

  2. Thanks for your comments Khem, I appreciate it. Best wishes.