Sunday, October 25, 2009

350 - The Climate Event

Photo by Ross William Hamilton/The Oregonian

Great climate activism in Portland, Oregon yesterday in support of the International Day of Climate Change organized by the folks at From a report in The Oregonian:

"Oregon had about a dozen climate actions Saturday, from a yoga "throw down" in Milton-Freewater to a drumming jam in Ashland to a "Keep Portland Beered" party with free beer. Greenpeace organized an ActionArt Fest, where artists and nonartists created works tied to climate.

The idea for an international protest came from activist and author Bill McKibben and his organization, Many climate scientists say that the Earth can be healthy with a limit of 350 parts per million of atmospheric carbon dioxide. The reading now is at 387 ppm.

Saturday's actions tried to raise awareness and push for laws that reduce carbon emissions, as world leaders prepare for a United Nations summit to hammer out a climate policy in December in Copenhagen.

Pictures and videos from the actions were shown on giant screens in New York City's Times Square and will be projected on buildings during the U.N. summit.

More than 100 kayakers and canoeists paddled in the Willamette River to start the day.

"Protecting the environment is important to us because it's not just where we live but where we play," said Andy Maser, a National Geographic Young Explorer and ambassador for KEEN outdoorswear. "We have influence over how our political leaders act. That's a democracy."

The boats -- bright reds, yellows and blues -- formed the number 350 just north of the Morrison Bridge." See Grass-roots actions in Portland, across Oregon urge steps against Climate Change.

Good video from Current TV on the significance of the 350 event:

Some great pictures from around the world of yesterday's events:
See all the pictures on 350.orgs photos on Flickr.

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