Monday, January 4, 2010

Blue Lagoon Restoration: Jamaica

One of my favorite excursions as a child growing up in Jamaica was taking a trip to what we used to call the Blue Hole. This beautiful lagoon located on the north coast of the island near Port Antonio was ideal for swimming and there were legends back then that it was “bottomless.” It is now called Blue Lagoon and is known to have a depth of approximately 180 ft. which attributes to the lagoon’s changing colors from turquoise to sapphire to azure blue, depending on the light and time of day. This enchanted natural area is in need of environmental protection and efforts are underway to have it being designated a World Heritage Site. Presented here is the work of Adrienne Joan Duperly, who is spearheading the efforts for sustainable development and restoration of Blue Lagoon. Interested parties who desire to support and participate in these efforts can contact Adrienne directly at her contact information below:


Present, past and future stewards of Jamaica, our small green island set in turquoise Caribbean waters, are invited to attend the Community “Blue Lagoon Restoration and Sustainable Community Development Summit.” This is an opportunity to join others living and investing in your community. Allow us to present our year of documented research supporting SCD world class programs while seeking UNESCO Marine Heritage Site protection. Research and documentation has been done at the request of some Blue Lagoon residents. Our collaborative report will be presented, your goals presented and discussed. Future opportunities and specific challenges specific to Blue Lagoon’s redevelopment and restoration identified. A collaborative community driven effort is required to correctly distinguish, question and address the difficulties arising for Blue Lagoon’s coastal and rural Community. Please help us by attending Blue Lagoon Summit. Write down your personal remedies and brilliant ideas for Blue Lagoon area with you. We will help if you will allow us to try. Watch your newspaper for Blue Lagoon 2010 Summit date, time and place to be announced in June 2010. We will keep you posted. Thank you all.

Local newspapers will announce the date and location of Blue Lagoon Summit 2010

Blue Lagoon & Community Residents, stakeholders meet for discussion with some of Blue Lagoon Project’s team of Volunteers. Blue Lagoon area residents are asked to voice their relevant concerns, requests and suggestions by submitting their own sustainable community development ideas in writing when they register, or at least 3 weeks prior to the Summit.   All written contributions will be openly displayed, their ideas and comments will be circulated with the Blue Lagoon Restoration Study Document preceding the Blue Lagoon Study Key Note presentation.

In order to attend Blue Lagoon Summit 2010 certain requirements apply:
All individuals (private or corporate) must pre-register by submitting their legal name in full , complete street address, land telephone or Skype number.
Registrants are invited to submit 3 relevant questions regarding this project, state 3 most immediate concerns regarding Blue Lagoon’s future, and/or offer 3 impactful environmental or social solutions you may have that you wish other Blue Lagoon community members and project Volunteers to hear.

Portland community event Residents pre-register by e-mail :

Intro into Sustainable Development and Restoration of
Blue Lagoon Marine Natural Habitat in Jamaica
A study done by Adrienne Joan Duperly

The World Heritage Marine Programme mission is to safeguard the world’s cultural and natural heritage by assisting States parties with the nomination of marine properties and with the effective management of these sites. This will ensure that these precious marine areas will be maintained and thrive for generations to come.  All marine areas of “outstanding universal value” will be inscribed as World Heritage thus leading to a better protection of marine biodiversity. All marine World Heritage sites will be exemplary models of effective and results-based management, benefiting coastal communities around the world.

Earlier known as mysterious Blue Hole, Jamaica’s fabled Blue Lagoon area revitalization, habitat restoration and marine preservation depend entirely on wholesale support by location residents, property owners and

Privately owned villas rest on lands surrounding Blue Lagoon thus are offlimits. Blue Lagoon and surrounding waters remain National property.These endangered coastal shores and waters marine life can only be protected once joint agreement between governing bodies, private owners and corporate stakeholders pursuing UNESCO World Heritage Marine site status is reached.

This status will prove invaluable for present and future development, restoring Jamaica’s premier and most famous coastal lagoon and inflowing spring waters while preventing further decline of Blue Lagoons shores and coastal marine habitat.

Throughout Jamaica, village and town folk found rewards in Nature. Caribbean peoples were the very first naturalists, true “green” producers. Before global awareness evolved to recognition, island, sea and sky supplied resourceful island folk a mighty renewable harvest.

What next for Blue Lagoon? Entirely depends upon the choices made by those in authority. Divergent and interesting points of view will be expressed. Hopefully the tranquility and serenity Blue Lagoon inspires will be recalled, once more becoming a peaceful welcoming and natural place.

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