Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stop Whale Captivity: Killer Whale kills another trainer at Seaworld

Another death of a trainer at Seaworld in Orlando today by the killer whale named Tilikum. Isn't it time we realize that holding these massive, migratory creatures in tanks that amount to the size of a small fish bowl to them, is insanity? Not to mention cruelty of the highest order? How many deaths do we need to get the message? This particular whale has been linked to the deaths of three people. Logan Scherer posted this on the PETA blog about the incident. I join them in calling for an end to abusive animal treatment and in particular to these captive whale and dolphin shows that make for wretched lives for these animals that can lead to tragic consequences:

Earlier this afternoon, another trainer at SeaWorld in Orlando was killed after being pulled into the tank by an orca named Tilikum (or Telly, for short). According to a witness, the whale, who has been involved in two previous fatal incidents involving human beings and who our captive wildlife director, Debbie Leahy, describes as "12,300 pounds of sheer rage," leapt out of the tank and grabbed the trainer by the waist, pulled her into the water, threw her around like a rag doll, and then held her underwater until she drowned. SeaWorld officials canceled the dolphin and whale shows for the rest of the day, but SeaWorld remains open (have they no shame?!) and will continue to exploit and abuse these captive animals despite the many horrific injuries and deaths of trainers and animals that have occurred throughout the theme park's history.

PETA has long been asking SeaWorld to stop taking wild, ocean-going mammals from their families and ocean homes and confining them with no semblance of a life to an area that, to them, is the size of a bathtub. No wonder these huge, intelligent animals, like the beaten elephants in the Ringling Bros. circus, lash out after being forced into subservience and forced to perform stupid circus tricks for their food for so long. For years, PETA has been calling on SeaWorld to switch to hugely popular robotic replacements like those used in the amazing "Walking With the Dinosaurs" exhibit. The public needs to stand up now against this cruelty and stop patronizing aquariums and whale and dolphin shows. Please join us in saying, "Enough!" ~ Posted by Logan Scherer


  1. If this incident doesn't have a wakeup call to all those infavour of keeping these magnificient animals at captivity, what else can? These creastures need to be out in the wild with their family not in a small cages and being sideshow for humans.. shame on them. Happiness is not Marineland, its barbaric.

  2. Hi Siva, thanks for adding your thoughts on this - you are exactly right that this is a barbaric practice. I hope the public will wake up and boycott these exploitative shows.