Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jamaica Crisis Day 3 Update

A couple of startling reports that struck me from today that are getting a lot of attention. See this link to a ABC News report that stated that a US government report referred to Bruce Golding as a “criminal affiliatee” of Dudus Coke.  From the report:
As official reports surface of accused drug lord Christopher Coke's escape from his barricaded Kingston, Jamaica neighborhood, where Jamaican authorities have been attempting to arrest him for extradition to the U.S., ABC News has learned that a U.S. government report refers to Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding as a "criminal affiliate" of Coke.
Golding, who led resistance to Coke's extradition before public opinion forced him to reverse himself, is described in a document read to ABC News as a "known criminal affiliate" of Christopher "Dudus" Coke. According to official U.S. accounts , Golding's Jamaican Labour Party (JLP) was voted into power through "Coke's murderous and strong-arm tactics."
Recently, Golding and other senior Jamaican officials have been electronically intercepted talking to Coke inside his fortified redoubt, US authorities say.

Wow. Pretty damning words. 

And then there was the laughable report in the Observer that the government was upset by everybody on Facebook and Twitter giving “misleading” information. Weeellll, aahhmmm, let’s see now: if you as a government had been on top of things and willing to inform your frightened public of the goings on of the most dramatic and violent crisis in Jamaica’s history, then perhaps people wouldn’t flock to Twitter and Facebook!!!!! Come on. So the government responds by setting up a media center. GOOD. About time. We were wondering where you were!! Twitters and Facebookers can take pride that they flushed the government hands into being more open and forthcoming about the developments.

Then there's this BBC News Video Report with the flak jacket, helmeted reporter hunkered down with the police as they dodge sniper bullets downtown.  It ain't nearly over yet.  See link here.

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