Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jamaica Crisis Day 3

It’s hard to find out how many people have died, and whether the security forces efforts are gaining the upper hand. The government seems strangely silent. Absent almost. It's amazing that in these worst days of crisis for Jamaica there isn't more official reporting of what's going on. So we have to rely on Facebook. And Twitter. RJR was threatened yesterday. These journalists are working in a war zone trying to get hard news. Unconfirmed reports I’m seeing on Twitter indicate that over 80 men, women and children were killed in Tivoli yesterday. There have been reports of people trapped, and bodies in the street. More reports of gunfire today and more downtown roads being blocked. All Kingston schools closed until further notice. Several offices in Kingston and Spanish Town are closed. There is a report that a truckload of bodies was taken to KPH and that the hospital is in a tense area with gunshots being heard. Again, not a lot of hard information is coming from official sources. The Gleaner and Observer have some reports but the best sources for info seem to be Twitter and Facebook.

Here is a list of resources for keeping up on the developments:

Facebook: On the Ground News Reports. I must commend this strong group on Facebook for their amazing work in bringing us information that is not being reported elsewhere. They also give Twitter updates.

Twitter: Good sources.

The Jamaica Observer.

The Gleaner Online.

Power FM Radio.

Live streaming of TVJ newstation:

Free TV : Ustream

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