Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jamaica Crisis Day 4

Dudus is still at large, gunfire still being heard, security forces still working to get control of Tivoli.  Plane circling over Kingston. Blood Bank needs blood and KPH doctors are stretched thin to cope with the injured. More conflicting reports of how many have died in this crisis that continues to grip Jamaica. The Jamaican newspapers are saying 44 dead. The Canadian Globe and Mail say at least 60 are dead. Spanish Town has been hard hit. It is heart breaking to read of children, a 14 year old and a 3 month old baby being victims to this violence. Read that story here.

The Prime Minister is "outraged" over the foreign press reports from ABC and the Independent in the UK that links him with ties to criminal gangs. See the Independent article from the UK and the ABC News report that are causing all of this consternation.

There is no doubt that exposing and releasing dark secrets is a way to cleanse and unshackle ourselves from self-destructive patterns that sabotage our progress. This crisis is exposing all of Jamaica’s political shadow in a big way. That is a good thing. As so many are saying: hopefully, this is a wake up call. Jamaica deserves a fresh start with honest public servants who put the interests of the people ahead of the interests of their personal bank account, and ahead of their ego driven desire for power. Interesting article in the Gleaner today on Tivoli’s “doomed” history from the time of Independence.

Read a very good blog report from Chez Hsia here on the "long simmering garrisons."

Annie Paul writes a great article here for Channel 4 news on the rise of the Dons in Jamaica.

Some more foreign press articles:
Front page on New York Times today.
The Christian Science Monitor
The Globe and Mail

Resources for keeping track of the events:
Facebook: On the Ground News Reports.
Twitter: Good sources.
The Jamaica Observer.
The Gleaner Online.
Power FM Radio.

Live streaming from Jamaica Live TV - TV news and Radio reports:

Free TV : Ustream

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