Saturday, May 29, 2010

Seaga Speaks: Former Jamaican PM speaks out on Coke affair

The Times Online reports today that Coke may seek political asylum abroad as he fears for his life if he is caught in Jamaica.  There have been several reports like this so who knows. We only know he's still not caught.  However, several other wanted men have been turning themselves into the authorities. WOW! Now there's a change - when did you ever hear of Jamaican gunmen turning themselves into the police???? Heavy rains are falling across the island.  Sounds fitting for the somber aftermath of last week. See the last video in this post for last night's JNN news broadcast.

On Thursday May 27, 2010, Former Jamaican Prime Minister Edward Seaga spoke on TVJ's program Impact on the Coke affair. There are a lot of people who are as critical of Mr. Seaga as he is of Mr. Golding. While I am posting these videos as I think there are people, particularly in the Diaspora (many readers of this blog) who would be interested, I am also posting some links to the opposite position:

Share the Blame, Mr. Seaga
Seaga, Golding, Tivoli
Seaga's Dilemma in the Jamaica Gleaner
JDF dismisses claims by Seaga

Seaga Interview Part 1

Seaga Interview Part 2:

Seaga interview Part 3

Last night's JNN News:

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