Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dear Mr. President: Honor Your Pledge - Save the Whales

Actor and environmentalist Pierce Brosnan calls upon the Obama Administration to withdraw its support for a proposed plan that permits Japan, Norway, and Iceland to resume commercial whaling while the moratorium continues. Call the President @ 202-456-1111 or visit WhiteHouse.Gov/Contact now.

From HuffPost Secret Weapons: James Bond, the Whales and the White House.
Amidst the worst environmental tragedy for the US, there is another sleeping giant that is being awakened by those great liberal hearted Hollywood folks. And thank goodness because someone has to help the White House get some good environmental press. Enter stage right -- Pierce Brosnan, aka 007. He, in concert with his environmental warrior wife Keely, is leading the charge to save the whales now. Dovetailing on his celebrity -- this group is lobbying hard for the White House's attention now before the moratorium on commercial whaling is lifted later this month.

It is preposterous that the White House wandered into these waters after the President's pledge to the environmental community. What were they thinking? Every U.S. president since Reagan has upheld the standards banning commercial whaling. Please let's not reward the bad behavior of countries like Japan, Norway and Iceland for violating international law.

Thank goodness these folks are here at the right moment in time. This campaign, is a blessing. First and foremost it will prevent the further endangerment of the whales of our universe. White House; these folks may be your secret weapon -- the Humane Society, the NRDC and of course 007 and Keely -- are giving you a gift that can keep on giving complete with gift wrap.

Mr. President -- sir, you need the environmental community now more then ever; and the environmental community needs you. There are bad things happening with Big Oil that are not your doing. We know that these wheels have been turning for a long time. The goop just keeps falling on your lap. So let's not let the whales be sacrificed amidst all the confusion and commotion. Please pay attention. We need you and you need us.

Go to the Save The Whales Now website to sign the petition and follow the developments as we try to get this administration to do the right thing!

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