Friday, July 30, 2010

I Am Jamaica

"I Am Jamaica" is a worthy new initiative with the following mission:
The “I AM JAMAICA” campaign, an initiative inspired out of the Jamaican Diaspora, calls on persons throughout the Jamaican community, at home and abroad, celebrities, community leaders, artists, entertainers, entrepreneurs and others to encourage a sense of personal responsibility for each other and to inspire each other in embracing our talents and resources as a burgeoning global community, for the upliftment and prosperity of our youth, and to evoke an emotional connection of hope, positive vibes, prosperity, oneness, and all other core qualities of Brand Jamaica among Jamaicans worldwide.

The campaign encourages Jamaicans to elevate their level of communication and collaboration in addressing issues of national interest. The campaign also encourages the support of law and order the society and implores a sense of personal accountability for re-socializing the mindset of the nation, at home and abroad.

The spine of the campaign is a Declaration for Positive Action and Accountability which supporters are asked to sign, uphold and share with others. An official “I AM JAMAICA” theme song, featuring reggae veterans Hopeton Lindo, Shaggy, Freddie McGregor, Marcia Griffiths, Courtney John, Peter Gee, Sophia Brown and Anthony Cruz, has been produced to convey the message of the campaign and mobilize the community. We realize that music moves people.

Accompanying the theme song is the official “I AM JAMAICA” music video. The video, directed by Lukkee Chong and Max Earle of Frame by Frame Productions, was filmed in various locations throughout south Florida and Jamaica and features the contributing vocalists, scenes from the Jamaican landscape and people of the Diaspora supporting the mission of the campaign. 
Visit the I Am Jamaica website and get involved!

The official I Am Jamaica Press Release:
i Am Jamaica Press Release Final 7.16


  1. thanks for the coverage. this movement has alot to offer. looking forward to its development.

  2. thanks for the coverage. looking forward to the development of this campaign. i expect great things.

  3. Hi Kelliann,
    This is an idea whose time has definitely come! Great initiative and I will promote in any way I can. The song is amazing.