Saturday, February 5, 2011

Journey Through Egypt Slideshow

As the events in Egypt continue to unfold, I hold the Egyptian people in my heart for peace, safety and the easeful realization of their dreams and demands for democracy. They have awoken and have shown the world how two million people can gather in a square peacefully while standing up for their universal right for freedom. My experience with the Egyptian people is that they are full of heart and are very gracious to visitors. They are stewards of one of the world's greatest civilizations and their magical land holds an enormous treasure in human history. It is the most remarkable land that I have traveled to and I share with you these photos taken from two trips. All photos are mine except where photo credit is given. I pray that there will soon be a renewal of stability that supports the whole population. Tourism is one of the most important drivers of their economy and I myself would return there in a second, if given the opportunity and the transition to democracy. It is a destination that is not to be missed.

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Link to Slideshow here.

A good book:
The Traveler's Key to Ancient Egypt

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