Friday, February 11, 2011

Revolution 2.0* Congratulations to the People of Egypt

Art and Words by Lee Grass Whitefeather
Photo Omar Mokhtari
Congratulations to the wise and wonderful people of Egypt who have peacefully and courageously toppled a thirty-year tyrant, and inspired people around the world. May your awakening bring your country and people a new world of peace and economic justice for all.

An open letter to all the oligarchs, plutocrats, dictators, corporate bosses and corrupt governments who hold power in the world:

A missive from the future:

Looking back, it was 2011 that cemented in place a new collective nervous system in the world. Twitter, Facebook and the whole internet brought about solidarity, not just of one people in one country, but of many people in many countries of the world. The aspirations of freedom and democracy, fairness and social justice for all people, everywhere was borne out of the events in Tunisia and then Egypt, causing the world to wake up to the fact that the time had truly come when people could take power over governments, when the old tactics of intimidation, censorship and brute force, no longer caused fear, or had any effect to stop the revolution. With transparency and the new empowerment of people fueled by the internet, and their shared attention to uprooting injustice, a whole host of problems facing the world could be addressed. Governments could no longer hide behind propagandist facades of “protecting the people.” Dictators could no longer be propped up by foreign aid while their people suffered immeasurable social injustice. Oligarchs could no longer get away with robbing countries of wealth through tax giveaways to the rich while blaming public employees for drained funds. Plutocrats could no longer get away with hiding out in mountainous Swiss enclaves, planning how to maintain their control of the world while the majority of people suffered in hunger and lived on cents a day. Corporations could no longer stifle action against the threats of global warming.

The global revolution in consciousness came about, charged in large part by the collective power gained through this new nervous system: the internet, social media and the simple fact that most people around the world want peace, freedom, a fair and honest democratic system of government, and attention to issues like poverty and global warming that face all of us.

So to all of you oligarchs, plutocrats, dictators, corporate bosses and corrupt governments quaking in your boots, know this: Your. Days. Are. Numbered.
Photo Omar Mokhtari

*Revolution 2.0: A term coined by Egyptian activist Wael Ghonim.
Tahrir Square, Cairo Egypt_ February 10, 2011_Photo Credit_Omar Mokhtari

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