Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Caribbean Wonder: The Baths at Virgin Gorda, BVI

Giant boulders tossed around on a white sand Caribbean beach, trails through the rocks lead deep into mysterious green grottoes filled with pools of crystal turquoise saltwater, all ending in a pristine paradise for snorkelers.
I had my first visit to The Baths at Virgin Gorda last week and this unique Caribbean wonder lives up to its legendary reputation as the place to visit in the British Virgin Islands. Left over from an ancient volcanic eruption, the boulders strewn around this side of the island of Virgin Gorda form unique pools cradled between the two beaches of Devil's Bay and Boulder Beach. The snorkeling is very good here however, as this is a north facing beach, it is subject to a swell in the winter months and swimmers have to be careful. I was lucky to be able to swim the day we were there and the water is amazing.

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