Friday, April 6, 2012

Seeds of Light is building an Orphan Center in South Africa

I'm pleased to be supporting Seeds of Light as they embark on their biggest project yet: the building of an orphan center that will support hundreds of AIDS orphans in South Africa. From the Seeds of Light website:
Our approach is twofold. We take action with practical projects to support and uplift impoverished and marginalized communities such as : providing access to clean water; creating food gardens; improving overall health of AIDS orphans and vulnerable children; and preserving endangered species and ecosystems. We also offer a range of trainings to enhance life-skills.

Watch the latest update:
From the latest newsletter:

Several months ago we announced our plans to help build an orphan center, Ekurhuleni Center for Orphans and Vulnerable Children ("Place of Peace"), Seeds of Light's biggest project ever! The Center will feed and care for 300-500 AIDS orphans daily, and eventually will house some of the neediest of those children. In December, we were offered a matching grant from a U.S. foundation, and we are thrilled to say that we raised the full $45,000 match for the grant! Thank you for making that possible! Since we last wrote to you, there has been another very exciting development. The Foundation who sponsored the matching grant in November offered us an additional matching grant of $72,000. This means if we raise the full match, we will have a total of $145,000 needed to finish Phase 1 of the Orphan Center! Will you please help with a one-time donation or a monthly donation? Or would you be willing to organize a fundraiser of some kind--garage sale, bake sale, raffle, etc.?   

To get involved or join in supporting this great cause, please visit the Seeds of Light website.

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