Saturday, February 2, 2019

Never give away your power to anyone else ever again

An amazing opportunity for a FREE virtual workshop with Anneloes Smitman where you’ll discover dynamic archetypal energies to activate your deepest intuition, inner strength, and spiritual transformation. 
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During Alchemist, Guardian & Queen: Three Feminine Archetypes to Activate Your Womb Wisdom & Evolutionary Calling, bestselling author and internationally acclaimed evolutionary leader Anneloes Smitsman will show you how to activate your Womb Wisdom and actualize your evolutionary calling so that you feel more fulfilled by what you do and bring to the world.
During this free virtual event, you’ll discover:
  • How ancient mystical traditions accessed feminine creative power, sourced through Womb Wisdom and the “Cosmic Torus,” the womb-shaped inner architecture of the Universe and all of life
  • The Guardian — a protective, empowering archetype that can help you heal old wounds and balance the masculine and feminine energies within you
  • The Alchemist’s ability to unite the planetary and the cosmic (which led to its demonization as the work of witches) and how you can now reclaim this transformational power
  • How to access your cosmic abilities, including intuition and visionary leadership, through the Queen archetype
  • A sacred practice to enter the Cosmic Torus — a foundational step towards true wholeness and manifesting your evolutionary calling